An Online Homeopathic Consulting Services for the doctors from distant rural and semi-urban areas. Highly interactive and user friendly web portal.

1. Establish online homeopathic consulting clinics to help homeopathic doctors from rural & semi-urban areas for diagnosing homeopathic cases.
2. Extending reach of leading homeopathic consultants who are unable to reach patients from remote rural and semi-urban areas.
3. Extending help to those homeopathic patients who are not getting Good Homeopathic consultants treatment in remote areas.
4. Enhancing  case taking skills of homeopathic doctors who are lacking in it. Educating and guiding them in right direction  about how to take homeopathic case.
5. Through specially designed case taking questionnaire homeopathic experts study patient's case in detail.
6. Homeopathic Consultant will guide or suggest treatment based on case analysis to Doctor. Respective Doctor will decide on final line of treatment for case in hand.
7. Spreading use of homeopathy all over India and world which is the great art and science discovered in 1755 , i.e. more than two centuries ago.
8. Storing  patient's data in secured manner. (Patient's profiles, case history, medications, follow-ups, lab test results,and medical reports.)
9. The On-Line service helps the doctors to access their records from anywhere at any time with the total confidentiality of the records and the data.
10. All records are strictly confidential and secure. System will treat each record as an unique identity of itself.